Brand Story

Are gray hairs sprouting long before you’re ready to embrace them? Are you over the once a week trips to the salon to cover only a few gray hairs that seemingly always reappear? We hear you! Whether you are 20 or 80, have unwanted grays, roots that need covering or thinning hair, your must-have beauty brand is here.

Introducing cult favorite, Cover Your Gray, an efficient, low cost, no fuss gray hair solution helping women and men achieve their hair goals. Ridding of gray hair has never been so easy, as Cover Your Gray offers a wide array of product application options in addition to brow and dry shampoo color solutions.

Cover your Gray is an effective, versatile and totally affordable line of temporary solutions to cover gray hair. They are reliable and easy to use products that require no water to activate and come in a wide variety of applications to satisfy consumer needs. Instant gratification awaits. In general, they wash out in a day. 




  • TOUCH-UP STICK: Lipstick-type applicator. Perfect for problem areas around hairline, roots, sideburns and even mustaches. Comes in a wide variety of colors.
  • BRUSH-IN TOUCH-UP: Mascara wand applicator is perfect for sideburns and scattered gray hairs throughout the head. One magic wand does it all! A large variety of color options available.
  • ROOT TOUCH-UP: Temporary solution with a sponge tip applicator. Perfect answer to cover unsightly roots. This soft tip applicator is very easy to use and allows for precision application. A large variety of color options available.
  • WATERPROOF: A waterproof formula for these applications is also available!



  • FILL-IN POWDER: Formulated with Propacil, a patented complex of natural  botanicals to effectively fill in thinning hair and balding areas. It helps give the impression of a full head of hair. Available in 4 shades.
  • FILL-IN POWDER DUAL: In response to our best selling Fill-In Powder, Cover Your Gray is proud to introduce the Fill-In-Powder Two Shades In One, the leading tinted thinning hair solution helping women and men to love their hair again! Fill-In Powder not only fills in thinning hair and/or balding areas, it also is working to help promote growth and prevent hair loss.



  • FILL-IN FIBER: Color fibers that adhere to your hair to thicken and conceal exposed areas instantly. Available in a shaker applicator. Assorted colors available.
  • COLOR COVER TOUCH-UP SPRAY: An aerosol spray that helps boost volume while providing quick color cover up before your next salon visit. Also available in assorted colors.
  • TOTAL BROW: An eyebrow sealer and tint combination that is waterproof. It gives brows a fuller look while it controls, shapes and seals for an amazingly defined look. The container includes it own brush and mirror. Available in 4 colors.